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"Thank you so much! Never owned a boat. Never been around a boat much. So it's hard to describe how helpful this information is."

- David Williams

In this 3-part video series, you'll learn how to:

Understand Your Vessel

You’ll gain the know-how of your basic equipment and the components of your vessel.

Navigate on the Open Waters

You’ll gain the ability to navigate your vessel without the anxiety of having other boaters on the water.

Handle An Emergency

Learn what to do should a major problem arise & how to use a VHF radio.

Getting the Basics from the Captain

As a boater since the age of 5 and a boating industry insider of over a decade, Captain Matt has put his knowledge and insight into resources for first-time boat buyers and boat owners so they can avoid the stress, frustration, confusion and mistakes many others (including himself) have experienced.

His Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon YouTube channel boasts over 25,000 subscribers and garners a worldwide audience of over 3 million views each year.



"Great info. My wife and I watched the videos together and discovered some new ways to approach our boat days. Looking forward to putting these ideas into motion. Our tri-toon boat just came in and should be ready 10/13 for some practice."

Jimmy Kirkland

"Great program for a newbie like me. Looking forward to taking ownership of my first boat this weekend. I plan to use the pivoting and other exercises to learn how to control the boat. Thanks for demonstrating those exercises. Great job! Well-worth the investment."

Michael Piazza

"The docking stuff is gold, especially with the multi cameras. The push-pull for effective turning in place and the bot cover unit was our favorite part. Some unit were long winded without enough examples etc, such as the open water unit."

Chris Savoy

"I must admit that all these docking lessons definitely helped out on Memorial Day while I was docking my brand new Avalon. I have learned so much from these videos! Thanks so much Capt."

Anthony Schiraldi

Become the Best Boater on the Water with These Basics

In the market for a boat? No matter your age, experience, or skill level, you'll leave Captain Matt's training programs a better and more confident boater or 100% Money Back Guaranteed.


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