ATTENTION: For Those Boaters Who Are Nervous About the Real Challenges of Coastal Boating

"Tides, Currents, Inlets, Navigation Buoys, Running Aground, Commercial Traffic... Do NOT Take Chances!"

(Don't Learn The Expensive And Dangerous Way Of Trial And Error... Master The Challenging Environment The Easy Way With Confident Coastal Boater!)

Become a Confident Coastal Boater TODAY for only $97 

(Beta Course + Future Updates)


“One of our first times out at the coast, we broke the skeg off because we just didn’t know and better. Wish the Confident Coast Boater Program was available then, would have saved us hundreds in repair bill” 

-Rhonda Harner, First-Time Boat Owner in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Avoid the Dangers and Damage  and Be a Confident Coastal Boater TODAY!

(Backed by Capt. Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!)

"Captain Matt- Thank you for Giving Me the Confidence, knowledge & skill to out on our new center console.  I was in control and the scavenger hunt and 360 were amazing!  Thanks for everything you do!."

-Chad Yoast,  First-Time boater - Destin, FL

Here is What You Get in The Confident Coastal Boater Program:

This is an on-demand video training program which means you can access all 25 video modules from your computer, tablet or even smart phone, 24/7/365!

If you can watch and hear the videos on this page, you can access everything in this on-demand video training program.

And, because you'll access the 5-modules (outlined below) via our Member Only Website or Mobile (if you want to take on the boat with you) you and your entire family can watch all of the trainings together or individually.

Wouldn’t it be great to have multiple people in the family that are capable and confident running your boat at the coast?

In this course you'll learn:

9 Building Blocks

Boating In Wind and Currents & Tides

Coastal boating brings many challenges that you need to adjust to.

In this section, you discover the best ways to make these adjustments to limit the impact of these 3-major forces on your boating fun.

And, once you understand them, you can often use them to your advantage instead of always fighting them.

9 Building Blocks

Building Practical Coastal Boater Knowledge 

In this section, Captain Matt and Captain Tim reveal the basics every coastal boater needs to understand for a safe and fun outing inshore, near shore and offshore.

 They introduce the most important factors you need to know before hitting the water. They cover tides, winds, local boating knowledge, safety, reading charts and more in an easy-to-understand language.

Building Advanced Practical Coastal Boater Knowledge 

In this section, you’ll dive into more advanced and situational knowledge like avoiding and dealing with seasickness, going thru inlets safely, bridges and draw-bridges, night boating, and much more.

Imagine having the confidence to head off-shore, down the ICW for a day long run while other less skilled boaters are afraid to leave the marina.

Building On-Water Coastal Boater Skills  

Like in all of Captain Matt’s popular training programs, the on-water skill-building is like nothing you’ll experience.

He and Captain Tim take you out on the water to demonstrate easy and simple exercises that will boost your skills and your confidence in your local boating area.

 These are unique and effective exercises that will give you years of boating experience in just a few hours.

Most coastal boaters learn these skills the hard and expensive way but you get the shortcut.

Going Out into the Open Ocean 

If you dream of going near shore and offshore in your boat, this section is worth the price of admission.

We follow Captain Tim (a Charter Captain) thru the entire process of going up to 100 miles offshore. What apps to use, where to get wind, weather, and wave information, and how to use that data to plan a successful trip.

You’ll receive all his checklists, favorite tips, and tricks so you are ready for that first outing with friends or family!

Avoid the Dangers and Damage and Be a Confident Coastal Boater TODAY!

(Backed by Capt. Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!)

Captain Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee

(Sorry for the picture with my shirt off. My wife, Sarah told me not to use it BUT I don't have any pictures with a shirt on while I'm on the boat with my girls.)

You likely never considered investing in an on-demand boat operator training when you woke up this morning but you saw a post on FaceBook, stumbled on a YouTube video or a boating friend passed a link along because they know how amazing this program is.

Maybe you've never even heard of Capt. Matt or maybe, you're not one of the 300,000 monthly viewers watching the over 400 videos on his Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon YouTube Channels. Maybe you've never even invested in a valuable training like this online before.

So, I want to remove any reason you may miss out on this incredible training.  

That's why I've decided to give you my "Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!"

See, I'm a real boater with boating kids and a boating wife and I want you to love your boat as much as we do... and if you're not 100% confident boating in the coastal environment, this program will fix it. So, I take all the risk!

Avoid the Dangers and Damage and Be a Confident Coastal Boater TODAY!

(Backed by Capt. Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!)

"After years of driving the boat on and off with my Dad when we used my Grandpa's center console at the coast, I finally got control of the boat.  Thanks for the training!"

-Colter Nichols, First-Time Solo Boat Operator

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the training material?

You’ll have access to the training program for as long as this program is being offered by Captain Matt.

Why should we listen to you?

Having trained over 100 first-time boaters and over 40 years of boating experience, there are few people more qualified to help you become a better boat operator.

And, Captain Tim has 47 years of coastal boating experience up and down the east coast.  As a 50 Ton Master and Charter Captain, he has experienced it all and is approved by the USCG to train the OUPV Captain's courses.

Can I access the training while I’m on my boat?

Yes, you will only need access to wi-fi or data while on the water and Capt. Matt can be in the boat with you and you complete the exercises.

Can’t we find this all on YouTube?

If you search, you certainly can find videos on how to operate your boat however, there is no resource available (besides hiring Capt. Matt or another qualified trainer) that will build your skills to master levels so quickly and in such a simple and step-by-step manner. 

The Scavenger Hunt, 360 Degree Training, Learning Current, Trip Planning Process are all short-cuts to becoming a Confident Coastal Boater quickly.

What Do I get when I sign-up?

You get 5 modules with over 25 video trainings that are a combination of educational videos, practical training exercises and on-water video showing you what you'll experience while on the water at the coast.

My boating area is different?

Of course each region has its own boating style and requirements however there are certain things every boater need to know and skills every boater need to possess.

 This program gives you those skills and that knowledge in a simple to grasp way to save you time, heart ache, scratches and dings on your boat.

How long do I have to wait before I get everything?

This is an on-demand program.

Once you buy the Best Captain on the Water training, you can be boosting your boat handling skills within minutes.

What technology do I need to access everything?

If you can view this website and watch the videos here, you have everything you’ll need.

Plus, if you have a smart phone and data plan, you can even watch the videos on the boat so I’m right next to you as you’re skills and confidence are skyrocketing.

What if I’ve been boating for several years?

If you’ve been boating for several years and have total control of your boat in every situation, this program is not for you.

However, if you don’t have 100% confidence in operating your boat and would like to, you’ll be blown away with how quickly your skills build and your confidence soar.

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely, that’s why Capt. Matt has his 'Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee'.

He wants to ensure you are blown away with his training program like so many others have been. If you are not thrilled for any reason, just let us know and we’ll provide a fast and friendly refund within 8 business hours.

No hassles, no hoops to jump through.

What if I boat on a trailer?

If you are a trailer boater, like Capt. Matt was growing up and many of the clients he’s trained, you’ll want to take advantage of the Trailer Like a Pro program ($147) that you can easily add before checkout.

Avoid the Dangers and Damage and Be a Confident Coastal Boater TODAY!

(Backed by Capt. Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!)

Who Else Wants to Be the 'Confident Coastal Boater'?

What This Program IS NOT:

This is not a dry boring typical boater education course that gives you no practical hands on boat operation skills.

  • Not a boating boating safety program that spends 2 hours talking about types of life-jackets and old-school navigation by the stars and headings.
  • No theories and academic non-sense that isn't practical for real world pleasure boating.
  • No lawyer and insurance scrubbed info that doesn't apply to the real boating world.
  • No fancy cinematography and expensive highly produced videos... just real practical info that will make you the best boat operator on the water.

What This Program IS:

Real world, how to actually have run your boat in the harsh coastal environment.

  • How to truly have total control of your boat in tides and currents.
  • How to have more fun on the water with the skills you actually use when operating a boat or pontoon.
  • Gives you 40 years of coastal boating experience in just a few short hours.
  • Having more fun with less stress and frustration so you can make more memories on the water with friends and families!

Avoid the Dangers and Damage and Be a Confident Coastal Boater TODAY!

(Backed by Capt. Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!)

What Do Other Boater's Like You Have to Say

"I learned the money move"

Rod Johnson

First-Time Boat Owner
Raleigh, NC

"I owe it to Capt. Matt!"

James Mannen

First-Time Boat Owner Kentucky Lake in Tennessee

"Absolute Must for New Boaters"

Jim Neimann

First-Time Boat Owner Crystal Lake in Michigan


"Hey Captain Matt! Your video series is outstanding! Your spring line technique was especially useful.. it helped us get out of a tight parallel parking situation between two expensive cigarette boats when a large regional poker run showed up at the bar!"

Chris Savoy
First-Time Boat Owner

Thanks Capt. Matt!

"I must admit that all these docking lessons definitely helped out on Memorial Day while I was docking my brand new Avalon. I have learned so much from these videos! Thanks so much Capt. Matt!"

Anthony D.
First-Time Pontoon Owner

Access Your Courses Anytime, Anywhere & Learn at Your Own Pace.

Unlimited access to training materials

Watch on desktop, TV or mobile device

Re-watch as many times as you’d like

Avoid the Dangers and Damage and Be a Confident Coastal Boater TODAY!

(Backed by Capt. Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!)

About Captain Matt

Captain Matt because a boater at age 5, when his parents bought a used 16’ Larson tri-hull with an 85HP Mercury 2-stroke. See the picture of Matt (red life vest) and his brother Steve on the family's first of many boats.

From that day forward he and his family were boaters.

During his 10+ year career in the boating industry as a pleasure boat specialist and consumer advocate with his Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon YouTube Channel (with nearly 20,000 subscribers and over 3,000,000 views a year) he has operated over 500 boats from pontoons, tri-toons, bow riders, deck boats, aluminum fishing boats, skiffs, center consoles, jet boats, cruisers and sport yachts.

In addition, he has trained nearly 200 first-time boaters on pontoons, bow riders, cruisers, jet boats, single engines and twins so they could operate their boat safely, efficiently and confidently without all stress and heart-ache most other experience.

Many have happily paid over $100/hour to do private trainings which typically last 4 hours.

Realizing that few new boaters get that level of training before hitting the water, Capt. Matt decided to put his proven training system into an easy to digest video format to help even more boat owners avoid the stress, frustration, cussing and dings that come from not having total control of their boat around the dock and other common boating situations.

You can find Capt. Matt on the water with his 2 daughters and wife on the lakes in the Carolinas, with his in-laws boating on Lake Loudoun near Knoxville, Tennessee or with his parents, brother and sister, nieces and nephews at the family lake place on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. 

And, if there is a boat show, marina or chance to be on the water, he is likely nearby.

Why Capt. Matt created this program?

Boating is part of him and he wishes more than anything that you develop the proper coastal boating skills because boating will provide some amazing memories for you and your family as well and the better you can run your boat, the better those memories will be!

Avoid the Dangers and Damage and Be a Confident Coastal Boater TODAY!

(Backed by Capt. Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!)

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