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"Find Your Perfect New or Used Boat at the Absolute Lowest Price and Buy It WITHOUT the Confusion, Frustration, Overwhelm and Fear Most First-Time Boat Buyer's Experience."

(Have Capt. Matt of the popular Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon YouTube Channel be your advocate and walk you step by step through the boat buying process so you can find the perfect new or used boat, pontoon, cruiser, center console or fishing boat at the absolute best price.)

What Do You Get When You Invest in The First-Time Boat Buyer's Academy?

The First-Time Boat Buyer's Academy is a a program that walks you step by step through the buying process of a new or used boat.

Captain Matt has taken his 40 years of boating knowledge and 10 years in the boating industry and shared everything you need to know at each step of the buying process so you avoid the mistakes that cause unnecessary expense, headaches and frustration for first-time boat buyers.

It's all delivered in 32 short yet detailed videos and you choose only the ones that apply to your situation.

Watch and re-watch them and use the 28-page Savvy Boat Buyer's Toolkit as you progress through the buying process. It will keep you on track so you don't make a mistake or miss an important piece.

7-Savvy Steps to Buying the Perfect Boat at the Best Price!

Capt. Matt walks you step by step thru the boat buying process to ensure you find the perfect new or used boat at the absolute lowest possible price.

At each step, you are taken by the hand with Capt. Matt to discuss exactly what's important at that stage based on decisions you've already made.

Do Not Overpay for Your Perfect Boat!

No one wants to overpay for their boat and Capt. Matt shares his proven "Magic Money Saving Method" that has saved others thousands of dollars on their new and used boats.

In this 12-minute video, Capt. Matt walks you thru exactly what to say so you can guarantee you are getting the absolute best deal on your perfect boat.

And, its so easy that hundreds of other boat buyers have used this system... and when you upgrade, you can too!

Save Even More When Buying a New or Used Boat from a Boat Dealer!

That's right, Capt. Matt shares some insider secrets and gives you 6 additional ways to save when buying from a boat dealer.

These techniques will get you free services, equipment, additional savings and much more. Plus, often the dealer will be happy say yes because they are a win-win!

This 28-Page 7-Savvy Steps Journal Has Helped Thousands of Boat Buyer's Make a Smart Decision!

This downloadable Toolkit was designed with each step of the 7-Savvy Steps buying process. Packed with checklists, questions to ask, demo/sea trial guides and much more.

It can be printed out and will keep you on track when buying your first or next boat so you don't make a costly mistake and buy with confidence.


Take the first step to becoming A Better Boater Today. Get access to our Boater Bootcamp for FREE. In this 3-part video series, you'll learn how to:

  • Understand Your Vessel. You’ll gain the know-how of your basic equipment and the components of your vessel.
  • Navigate On The Open Waters. You’ll gain the ability to navigate your vessel with our the anxiety of having other boaters on the water.
  • Handle An Emergency. Learn what to do should a major problem arise & how to use a VHF radio.

And, it's risk free with the 'Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee'

No More Frustration, Overwhelm or Even Fear with The First-Time Boat Buyer's Academy

No More Overwhelm

Have Capt. Matt walk step by step thru the boat buying process knowing he has no motive other than to help you make a smart decision on your new or used boat, pontoon, center console, aluminum fishing boat or cruiser.

Get rid of the overwhelm so you can buy your boat with confidence!

No Over Paying

Discover 'The Magic Money Saving Method' to ensure you don't pay too much once you find your perfect boat.

Plus, 6 additional techniques to save when buying from a dealer!

Others save thousands... Imagine how much you'll save!

No More Frustration

Buying a boat can be frustrating. Dishonest and unhelpful sellers. Terms and lingo that's new. Not to mention the flood information thrown at you during the process.

The First-Time Boat Buyer's Academy will slap that frustration away so buying your boat is fun... like you hoped it would be!

Avoid the Stress, Swearing and Frustration and Gain Total Control of Your Boat TODAY!

And, it's risk free with the 'Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee'

"Just wanted to let you know that I used your method and the dealer came down $2,500 in price. So thank you for your help and guidance! We'll put down a down payment now, but the final sale will be contingent on a successful sea trial in the spring."

-Brandon, First-Time Boat Owner

Captain Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee

(Sorry for the picture with my shirt off. My wife, Sarah told me not to use it BUT I don't have any pictures with a shirt on while I'm on the boat with my girls.)

Because I want to make sure you do not make a costly mistake and buy the wrong boat, ruining your chance to being a Happy Boater, this is a zero risk investment in the First-Time Boat Buyer's Academy.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the experience, the content or anything at all, just say the word (send an email) and you'll receive a fast and curious refund.

No questions asked. No hassle. No run around.

This is my personal commitment to you so even if you're not 100% sure this information will help you, you take zero risk by getting started and reviewing everything for 30-days.

About Captain Matt

Captain Matt because a boater at age 5, when his parents bought a used 16’ Larson tri-hull with an 85HP Mercury 2-stroke. See the picture of Matt (red life vest) and his brother Steve on the family's first of many boats.

From that day forward he and his family were boaters.

During his 10+ year career in the boating industry as a pleasure boat specialist and consumer advocate with his Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon YouTube Channel (with nearly 20,000 subscribers and over 3,000,000 views a year) he has operated over 500 boats from pontoons, tri-toons, bow riders, deck boats, aluminum fishing boats, skiffs, center consoles, jet boats, cruisers and sport yachts.

In addition, he has trained nearly 200 first-time boaters on pontoons, bow riders, cruisers, jet boats, single engines and twins so they could operate their boat safely, efficiently and confidently without all stress and heart-ache most other experience.

Many have happily paid over $100/hour to do private trainings which typically last 4 hours.

Realizing that few new boaters get that level of training before hitting the water, Capt. Matt decided to put his proven training system into an easy to digest video format to help even more boat owners avoid the stress, frustration, cussing and dings that come from not having total control of their boat around the dock and other common boating situations.

You can find Capt. Matt on the water with his 2 daughters and wife on the lakes in the Carolinas, with his in-laws boating on Lake Loudoun near Knoxville, Tennessee or with his parents, brother and sister, nieces and nephews at the family lake place on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. 

And, if there is a boat show, marina or chance to be on the water, he is likely nearby.

Why Capt. Matt created this program

Boating is part of him and he wishes more than anything that you develop the proper boat handling skills because boating will provide some amazing memories for you and your family as well and the better you can run your boat, the better those memories will be!

What Do Other Boater's Like You Have to Say

...looks like investing $47.00 into Matt and his program has saved us $5,900.00!

"Well, it looks like investing $47.00 into Matt and his program has saved us $5,900.00. on an all around better used boat!!!

 It's an extremely well maintained, single owner, 2013 Cobalt 242 with 115 hours. The owner actually provided a BoatHistoryReport when I asked for a HIN.

 I am currently searching for a Marine Surveyor near the San Antonio area to survey the boat so that we can finish our due diligence and pay the seller. If you know of anyone you can recommend please let me know.

 Once again, you guys rock!!! I could not have done this without you. "

Jeff Sebern

First-Time Boat Owner, 2013 Cobalt 242

I am a happy captain(almost) now!

"Thank you for the offer and all that you do. I am 66 and just bought my first and last boat. We have a Suncatcher 322RC with a 200HP Yamaha.

I watched your series over and over because not only was it my first, I really had zilch knowledge about boats. But I went in there with my checklist, prepared questions, and prepared negotiation questions. The questions had them on their heels a couple of times. Bottom line, my price was over $10,000 less than I could find any comparable boat at several dealers or online.

I am a happy captain(almost) now. Of course, I need to dive off into the rest of your videos to learn all I can about towing, loading, safety, general operation, and much more including getting my boating license. Thanks again."

David Williams

First-Time Boat Owner, Suncatcher 322RC

Worth what you save!

"If you are serious about buying a boat within the next year, paying for this program be worth what you save in time, money, and frustration."

Chris Savoy
First-Time Boat Owner

Thanks Capt. Matt!

"Thanks for following up with me. I ended up buying a Manitou 25 SHP with a 250 Merc. Got the “boat show” price minus $2000.00 per your secret weapon. Getting it delivered on the 19th. Can’t wait!"

First-Time Boat Owner


"I ordered a Cobalt R4. I got an additional 2% of MSRP after subscribing to your service. I'm expecting delivery by the end of April unless there is a supply chain breakdown. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new R4. I almost bought a Regal LS4 back in December but ultimately opted for the Cobalt with the side entrance versus center aisle with the Regal for ease of ingress/egress. I enjoy your YouTube channel and look forward to your feedback."

Randy Lester
First-Time Boat Owner

I will be purchasing the best pontoon captain on the lake nextl!

"I finally received my new pontoon. If you remember, I walked away from the Qwest Pontoon that I messaged you about during your live chat. I used your negotiating procedures and got a great deal on a 2022 Godfrey SW 1680 FX. Thank you for your help. I will be purchasing the best pontoon captain on the lake next."

First-Time Pontoon Owner


Plus get the BOOTCAMP ($99VALUE) for FREE TODAY!

And, it's risk free with the 'Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee'

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