Stop Struggling at the Boat Ramp & Get Trailer Like A Pro Training for ONLY $97


No More stress, frustration or anxiety at the boat ramp or pulling your baby down the highway

(Discover the simple tricks and techniques to trailer like a pro so others watch you with envy!)

Here Is What You Get In The Trailer Like A Pro Training Program:

Don't let the hassle of loading and unloading your boat or pontoon weigh you down. Get ahead with expertise, knowing what pro trailer boaters already know to make launch-day stress a thing of the past!

Take advantage of simple tips and tricks that will turn any novice into an experienced dockhand--all while keeping calm, cool and collected.

In This Course You'll Learn:

Backing Down the Trailer Like a Pro

In this section, Captain Matt hooks up a few boat trailers to walk you thru the 3 easiest ways to back a trailer. Starting with how to set up the truck, mirrors and a few simple tricks to make backing a trailer simple.

One new boat went from being terrified to go to the boat ramp on the weekends to being the one that zips right down the boat ramp without a worry.


Now you’ve backed down the ramp with confidence, you’ll discover the simple way to launch your boat by yourself or with a helper.

In these 5 videos, Captain Matt walks you step by step thru the process in the various boat ramp situations you’ll find yourself in on your local waterway.


After a great day of boating, loading up and heading home will be a simple and easy process after you complete this section.

Imagine having the confidence to load your boat in any situation, even at a busy boat ramp, because you’ve discovered how to avoid the most common mistakes boaters make when loading their boat or pontoon.

You’ll look like a trailering pro as you back down the ramp, load your boat in just a few minutes, and off to the staging area to prep your boat for departure as others look on with envy.  

Towing a Trailer in Town & on Interstate

Pulling a trailer can be intimidating if you’ve not done it a lot in your life. That’s why Captain Matt hooks up a boat and pulls it thru town on the interstate showing you what to look out for and how to approach turns, tight areas and other situations you’re likely to come across while towing your boat.

Trailering 101

As a trailer boater, there are many new skills, knowledge and dangers you need to be aware of; that’s why Captain Matt included the Trailering 101 section.

This section covers all of the little things you don’t want to learn the hard way about trailering your boat. You’ll discover the proper and safe way to use the coupler, winch, transom tie-downs, trailer guides and much, much more.

Start Backing, Launching & Loading Your Boat Like A Pro
SAVE $50 -- ONLY $97 TODAY!

(Backed by Capt. Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!)

"You rock. Definitely I will talk to Rinker and use all the skills I learned from you. I’m finishing the program and I will buy the next one “best captain”. The value of your class is decently beyond measurable."    

-Charles Zhao

What Do Other Boater's Like You Have to Say

"I learned the money move"

Rod Johnson

First-Time Boat Owner
Raleigh, NC

"I Owe It To Capt. Matt!"

James Mannen

First-Time Boat Owner Kentucky Lake in Tennessee

"Absolute Must For New Boaters"

Jim Neimann

First-Time Boat Owner Crystal Lake in Michigan


"Hey Captain Matt! Your video series is outstanding! Your spring line technique was especially useful.. it helped us get out of a tight parallel parking situation between two expensive cigarette boats when a large regional poker run showed up at the bar!"

Chris Savoy
First-Time Boat Owner

Thanks Capt. Matt!

"I must admit that all these docking lessons definitely helped out on Memorial Day while I was docking my brand new Avalon. I have learned so much from these videos! Thanks so much Capt. Matt!"

Anthony D.
First-Time Pontoon Owner


"Hey, Matt- I tried it again this morning with success. Tried docking into my slip yesterday after watching the video and NAILED it."

Dane H.
First-Time Boat Owner

Finally Got Control!

"After years of driving the boat on and off with my Dad when we used my Grandpa's center console at the coast, I finally got control of the boat. The building blocks made it simple to understand and use when I was behind the wheel. Thanks for the training!"

Colter Nichols
First-Time Solo Boat Operator

Captain Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee

(Sorry for the picture with my shirt off. My wife, Sarah told me not to use it BUT I don't have any pictures with a shirt on while I'm on the boat with my girls.)

You likely never considered investing in an on-demand boat operator training when you woke up this morning but you saw a post on FaceBook, stumbled on a YouTube video or a boating friend passed a link along because they know how amazing this program is.

Maybe you've never even heard of Capt. Matt or maybe, you're not one of the 300,000 monthly viewers watching the over 200 videos on his Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon YouTube Channels. Maybe you've never even invested in a valuable training like this online before.

That's why I want to remove any reason you may miss out on this incredible training.  

Based on my experience and the feedback of others that have gone thru the training (see above), I am 100% certain your boating skills will improve dramatically and so will your confidence and level of enjoyment on your boat when you invest in this program.  

That's why I've decided to give you my "Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!"

See, I'm a real boater with boating kids and a boating wife and I want you to love your boat as much as we do... and if you're not 100% confident in handling your boat, this program will fix it. So, I take all the risk!

Avoid the stress, frustration and anxiety at the boat ramp & start backing, launching & loading your boat like a pro.
SAVE $50 -- ONLY $97 TODAY!

(Backed by Capt. Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!)

About Captain Matt

Captain Matt because a boater at age 5, when his parents bought a used 16’ Larson tri-hull with an 85HP Mercury 2-stroke. See the picture of Matt (red life vest) and his brother Steve on the family's first of many boats.

From that day forward he and his family were boaters.

During his 10+ year career in the boating industry as a pleasure boat specialist and consumer advocate with his Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon YouTube Channel (with nearly 20,000 subscribers and over 3,000,000 views a year) he has operated over 500 boats from pontoons, tri-toons, bow riders, deck boats, aluminum fishing boats, skiffs, center consoles, jet boats, cruisers and sport yachts.

In addition, he has trained nearly 200 first-time boaters on pontoons, bow riders, cruisers, jet boats, single engines and twins so they could operate their boat safely, efficiently and confidently without all stress and heart-ache most other experience.

Many have happily paid over $100/hour to do private trainings which typically last 4 hours.

Realizing that few new boaters get that level of training before hitting the water, Capt. Matt decided to put his proven training system into an easy to digest video format to help even more boat owners avoid the stress, frustration, cussing and dings that come from not having total control of their boat around the dock and other common boating situations.

You can find Capt. Matt on the water with his 2 daughters and wife on the lakes in the Carolinas, with his in-laws boating on Lake Loudoun near Knoxville, Tennessee or with his parents, brother and sister, nieces and nephews at the family lake place on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. 

And, if there is a boat show, marina or chance to be on the water, he is likely nearby.

Why Capt. Matt created this program?

Boating is part of him and he wishes more than anything that you develop the proper boat handling skills because boating will provide some amazing memories for you and your family as well and the better you can run your boat, the better those memories will be!

Avoid the stress, frustration and anxiety at the boat ramp & start backing, launching & loading your boat like a pro.
SAVE $50 -- ONLY $97 TODAY!

(Backed by Capt. Matt's Personal Happy Boater 100% Money Back Guarantee!)

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