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Operate your boat with confidence.

Learning how to boat safely and confidently normally takes a very long time to master. But Captain Matt has poured his 35 years of boating mastery into an exclusive online-training program that will make you a boating pro in no time!

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Attn Boat Owners: Join The Free Boater Bootcamp Reveals What You Don’t Know, You Don’t Know That Could Cause Expensive Mistakes and Interrupt Your Boating Fun

Join the Boater Bootcamp for a 3-part video series to discover what all boaters need to know about their boat and boat ownership. 

  • Basics of your boat and motor
  • How to navigate and the rules of the water
  • How to avoid emergencies and how handle them if they arise
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With Captain Matt's Boating Courses You Will:

Gain total control of your boat and the confidence needed to have the perfect day on the water. Are you familiar with the acronym B.O.A.T.? Most would say "Break Out Another Thousand"- but Captain Matt is here to eliminate that negative connotation associated with boating.

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Gain Confidence

You'll gain the confidence to drive, dock and trailer your boat so you don't embarrass yourself, friends or family while on the water.

Avoid costly mistakes

This is the cheapest thing you'll buy for the boat this year with the most amount of value and impact.

Become the best boat captain on the water

By gaining total control of your boat, you'll now have a new & exciting outlook on your boating adventures.

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Helping You Get More From
Your Boating Experience

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Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon is an online community and training programs designed by Captain Matt who has been on the water for years and wants nothing more than for your to enjoy boating as much as he and his family does.

Captain Matt breaks down essential boating knowledge in a way that is easy for anyone to understand, whether you're a newbie or seasoned boater.

Our training programs are to the point, and easy to understand. They will help you understand the basics of boat handling, give you tips to save money buying and maintaining a boat and teach you how to avoid embarrassing your family or friends on the water.

Captain Matt will make you the BEST boat captain you can be!

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