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Marina Etiquette
  Discover How To Avoid The Stress, Frustration And Yelling When Docking And Tying Up Your Boat With The Best Boat Captain On The Water Program!       In this video, Captain Matt discusses proper etiquette for boaters when navigating a marina. Captain Matt shares five key points ...
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The Problem with Used Boats
  If You're Buying A Boat And Want To Ensure You Don't Pay Too Much, Check Out The Boat Buyer's Academy And The Magic Money Saving Method.  It'll Save You Hundreds, Likely Thousands And Maybe Even More!      "The Problem with Used Boats & Pontoons" features Captain Matt of Boa...
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Boating Rules in 11 Minutes
    "What Every Boater Needs to Know about Boating Rules/Safety in 11 Mins" is a comprehensive guide to boating rules and safety presented by Captain Matt, Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon. In less than 11 minutes, Captain Matt covers the most important aspects of boating rules and regu...
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Best Lakes in the USA
  Discover How To Maneuver, Dock And Tie Up Your Boat With Ease...   "Best Boating Lakes in the USA (Part 1)," Captain Matt of Boater Secret Weapon discusses some of the best boating lakes in the United States. He mentions that this will be a multi-part series and asks viewers to...
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How Many Hours is Too Many on a Used Boat
  In the video, Captain Matt talks about the useful life of boat engines and how it varies depending on the type of engine and its usage. He focuses on pleasure boaters and commercial boats, noting that commercial boats typically get more consistent use and maintenance, leading to...
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How to Tie a Cleat Hitch
    Discover how to maneuver, dock and tie up your boat with ease...   In this video, I'm going to show you how to tie a simple cleat hitch at the dock. It's a quick and easy way to secure your boat, and it's something that anyone can learn how to do. First of all, when you're ty...
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Spring 2023 Boat Market Update
  If you're buying a boat and want to ensure you don't pay too much, check out the Boat Buyer's Academy and the Magic Money Saving Method.  It'll save you hundreds, likely thousands and maybe even more! 
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