Camco Brush Attachment - Soft - Blue [41922]

Camco Brush Attachment - Soft - Blue [41922]

Brush Attachment - Soft - Blue

Designed for use with Camco's fixed-length or adjustable-length multi-purpose handles. The brush head is 7 in. wide with a non-marking perimeter bumper. The soft bristles are perfect for general-purpose cleaning of vinyl, teak, canvas, fiberglass, and painted surfaces.


  • Non-marking perimeter bumper
  • 7'' wide brush head
  • Soft bristles
  • Dark blue color
  • Compatible with Camco's Fixed Length or Adjustable Length multi-purpose handles

Cleaning Applications:

  • Vinyl¬†
  • Teak¬†
  • Canvas
  • Fiberglass¬†
  • Painted surfaces



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