Sea Brackets Bracket Mounting Disks - Quantity 6 [SEA2380]

Sea Brackets Bracket Mounting Disks - Quantity 6 [SEA2380]

Bracket Mounting Disks - Quantity 6

An aluminum backing support for a trolling motor mount is a 2-in. diameter disk made of 1/2 in. thick 6061-grade aluminum. The backing support is designed to provide additional reinforcement to the mounting area of the boat where the trolling motor is attached. 

Benefits of using mounting disks:

  • Load Distribution: Multiple backing supports can distribute the load over a wider area compared to a single backing plate
  • Flexibility: Using multiple backing supports allows for more flexibility in positioning and alignment
  • Accessibility:  Using multiple backing supports can make it easier to maneuver and install the components in tight spaces, as you can insert them one by one and secure them individually

*When using these backing disks, it is important to always have a fender washer between the disk and the lock nut. These disks are designed to work with 1/4-20 Phil flat machine screws. Sea Brackets recommends using machine screws with coarse threads.



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