SI-TEX Standalone 8 Chart Plotter System w/Color LCD, Internal GPS Antenna  C-MAP 4D Card [SVS-880C+]

SI-TEX Standalone 8 Chart Plotter System w/Color LCD, Internal GPS Antenna C-MAP 4D Card [SVS-880C+]

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Standalone 8‚ÄĚ Chart Plotter System with Color LCD, Internal GPS Antenna & C-MAP 4D Card

The SI-TEX SVS-880C+ is a powerful big-screen performer designed to fit every boat and budget. This compact chartplotter system delivers the goods for any vessel, from center console skiffs to sailboats to light commercial boats.

Differences between SVS-880C & SVS-880C+ 

The SVS-880C+ has an updated Android processor, and it only uses C-MAP 4D cartridges.


  • Internal GPS antenna
  • 8" high-resolution color LCD and compact case.
  • 52-channel GPS
  • "Dual fuel" charting the C-MAP and Navionics cartography
  • Pre-loaded with the Navionics Gold North American Chart Card
  • Global GPS compatibility
  • Brilliant LED backlighting for excellent sunlight readability
  • Easy, intuitive operation and control
  • Video input for underwater and on-deck cameras

General Specifications:

  • Display Screen SVS-880C+: 8-inch Color LCD with LED backlight¬†
  • Resolution SVS-880C+: SVGA (800 x 600 pixels)¬†
  • Power Supply: DC 12V-36V(¬Ī10%) SVS-880: 4W(without sonar)/ 6W(with sonar
  • Operating Temperature: Display Unit -15 degrees C to +50 degrees C, Antenna Unit -25 degrees C to +70 degrees C¬†
  • Performance Standard: IMO Resolution MSC.112(73)

Chartplotter Specifications:

  • Display Method: Mercator Projection¬†
  • Display Mode: True motion / N/S/E/W up / Course up / Head up¬†
  • Latitude Limits: Between 85 degrees N to 85 degrees S¬†
  • Map Scale: 0.05nm to 1500nm¬†
  • Map Datum: WGS-84 6
  • Waypoints: 20,000 points *Total of 16 colors and 16 icons are selectable for each point with a name tag (6 alphanumeric characters)¬†
  • Track Points: 50,000 points (2 types)¬†
  • Route: Max capacity 100 Routes *20 WPTs per each Route. Each with name tags (8 alphanumeric characters)¬†
  • Draw Point: 1,000 points¬†
  • Area Name: 1,000 points¬†
  • Chart Data: Standard w/Navionics Gold C-MAP MAX optional¬†
  • Output Data: NMEA-0183¬†
  • Input Data: NMEA-0183¬†
  • Alarm Arrival, Anchor, XTE, Interval timer, Userline

GPS Receiver Specifications:

  • GNSS Receiver Capabilities: GPS - L1 C/A code, GLONASS - L1OF/, QZSS - L1 C/A code, Galileo - E1B/E1C/L1¬†
  • Number of Channels: 52 channels¬†
  • Horizontal Positioning Accuracy: Autonomous 2.5m (CEP 50%)¬†
  • Sensitivity: Acquisition -148 dBm, Tracking -165 dBm, Reacquisition ¬†-162 dBm, Nav Update 1Hz, 5Hz)¬†

Sonar Specifications:

  • Display Mode: Normal (single/dual-frequency), Bottom-lock. ¬†Bottom-zoom, A-scope¬†
  • Frequency 50 and 200 KHz (single or dual)¬†
  • Output Power: 600W¬†
  • Range Speed: 600W - 2.5m - 600m¬†
  • Image Speed: Fixed 8 speeds (4/1, 2/1, 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32) and stop¬†
  • Rejection: Interference rejection: 3 levels, Noise rejection: 4 levels¬†
  • Function: Gain(auto/manual), Range (auto/manual), Shift (auto/manual), White/Black line Support speed sensor, Water temperature


  • Cartography Brand: Navionics/C-Map
  • Screen Size: 8"
  • Touchscreen: No



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