[SWEET DEAL] Best Boat Captain on the Water $97

[SWEET DEAL] Best Boat Captain on the Water $97

The Best Boat Captain on the Water Program:

This is an on-demand video training program which means you can access all 25 video modules from your computer, tablet or even smart phone, 24/7/365!  

If you can watch and hear the videos on this page, you can access everything in this on-demand video training program.

Here are the modules with details of what you get when you invest in a less stressful boating lifestyle:
  • 9- Building Blocks
  • Docking Mastery
  • Knots Every Boater Should Know
  • How to Operate in Open-Water


Along with Best Boat Captain on the Water, you’ll get:

The Boating Fun Amplifier Toolbox: Learn about topics from anchoring, maintenance, never running out of gas, night boating, and the most common things to end a fun day on the water.

Best Pontoon Captain on the Water: Discover the practical and safe way to run your pontoon in open and rough water, making your day on the water fun and stress free.

First-Time Boat Buyer’s Academy: Find Your Perfect New Or Used Boat At The Absolute Lowest Price And Buy It WITHOUT The Confusion, Frustration, Overwhelm And Fear Most First-Time Boat Buyer's Experience

PLUS: Get the Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon Toolkit so that you can know what you’re doing if you haven’t decided to buy a boat yet.



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