Swobbit Quik Dry Mop

Swobbit Quik Dry Mop

Quik Dry Mop

Designed to quickly remove water from decks, fiberglass and painted finishes leaving them dry and streak-free.?ÿ

Material is not affected by mold, mildew, soaps or chemicals and is more durable than PVA.?ÿ

Protective end cap prevents damage to decks, paint and fiberglass. ?ÿStores in a reusable pouch so your mop is ready to use when you need it.?ÿ

Mops are recommended for drying, not cleaning or scrubbing.


  • Made from super absorbent reinforced, proprietary material?ÿ
  • Die cut 1" wide strips.
  • 67% more absorbent than felt or latex coated mops?ÿ
  • Absorbs over 5 times its weight in liquids

*Sold as an Individual?ÿ


  • Type: Tools & Accessories
  • Box Dimensions: 3"H x 7"W x 20"L WT: 0.7 lbs
  • UPC: 633590312156

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