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Do Not Buy These Pontoon Boats

Are there any bad pontoon boats on the market?  Yes and Captain Matt shares which pontoons for sale you should avoid and never buy.

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Is Ethanol Bad for Your Boats Engine?

Many people wonder if they can use ethanol in their boats engine.  In this video, Captain Matt shares when and if you should run ethanol or 100% gasoline in your boats motor.

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The Importance of Keeping Your Anodes Clean and Working

What are anodes and why are they important on your boat?  Captain Matt shares what anodes do, how they work and why if you keep your boat in the water for long periods you'd better keep an eye on them.

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11 Reasons Boats Sink... And, How to Avoid It!

Captain Matt shares the 11 reasons boats sink and how to make sure yours does not!

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Dual Console vs Bow Rider (Which is Best?)

Discover which is better for your boating lifestyle, a Dual Console or a Bow Rider.

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7 Tips for Boating at Night (Especially the 4th of July)

Join Captain Matt as he shares several tips to enjoying a safe and fun time boating at night, maybe even checking out the fireworks on the 4th of July!

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