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As Captain Matt introduces himself in the video, he announces that he will be discussing the best and worst wakeboard and wakesurf boats, specifically inboard V-drive boats used for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. He clarifies that he will not be talking about IOs, sterndrive reverse facing drives or boats that use the same technology as Cobalts and Chaparrals.

Captain Matt mentions that there are 17 brands that make inboard V-drive boats for wakesurfing and wakeboarding, including ATX, Avalon Surf Pontoons, Axia, Centurion, Heyday, Malibu, Mastercraft, MB Boats, Mumba, Montero Surf, Nautique, Pavati, Sanger, Supra, Supreme, Taiga, and Variety. He notes that some of these brands are owned by companies that produce other boats. For instance, Brunswick owns Heyday, Malibu and Axis, Correct Craft owns Nautique, Centurion, and Supreme, and Skier's Choice owns Supra and Mumba.

Captain Matt talks about the importance of wave creation when it comes to wakesurfing and wakeboarding. He explains that the wave created by the boat must be tailored to the rider's weight and skill level. He discusses three ways to create wakes: hall design and weight, adding additional weight, and obstructing the flow of water. The shape of the hall determines how much water it displaces, while additional weight and obstructing the flow of water create more displacement.

Next, Captain Matt talks about how each brand creates its waves. He discusses the types of ballast each boat uses, whether it has built-in ballast tanks, fat sacks or additional weights. He also talks about how each brand obstructs the flow of water, including Malibu Surfgate and Nautique Surf System. He also mentions that some brands use tabs or wedges to adjust the shape and size of the wake.

Captain Matt concludes by giving his overall opinion on each brand's ability to create a great wake for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. He mentions that all of the brands produce good wakes, but the shape, size and other characteristics of the wave vary from brand to brand. He encourages viewers to do their own research and test out boats to find the one that works best for them.